European Golf Business Conference

With less than 5 weeks to go we hereby announce more workshops in the newly setup Golf Business Conference:

The Big Question: Dynamic Pricing in Golf?

Airliners survive because of dynamic pricing. Not always to the full content of the passengers with very high last minute prices. What can we learn from various pricing strategies and are we ready for dynamic pricing in the golf industry. Pricing specialists Andrew Davies from Australia and dynamic pricing specialist Arnaud Zunz from New York will share their insight and will discuss with you for the best strategy forward.

Golf and Sustainability

What used to be a hipster thing is now a no brainer, the broad sustainable approach of running our golf courses: come to this workshop to learn what good you already do, where you can get better and how you can benefit from it.

GDPR: The Big Challenge Ahead

On the 28th of May 2018 the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force across Europe. But what does this regulation mean and how should golf clubs deal with it? Learn how to prepare yourself for this new legislation without losing the ability to market your customers.

Golf and Technology

Golf needs tech. New generations cannot live without and the golf industry has a big catch up to do to become attractive for the new generations. Where is the trend going: latest insights from the US on tech and golf, a must for any golf course to get up to date plus an overview of to be expected tech developments that will make life easier on golf courses.

And where does it all Start?

With employee happiness. Happy employees create happy customers. A workshop on creating the happiest and therefore the best employees that will create better retention and more income. The specialist on employee happiness Gregg Patterson will guide you in this session.

Closing key note speaker

Gregg Patterson has inspired many tens of thousands with his energy, humor and very solid content. A life time experience. We are proud to be able to announce the most wanted speaker in the business: Gregg Patterson. He will give you the buzz and the love and the glory at the end of two full days.

To get an idea of the insights Key Note Speaker Jay Karen (NGCOA) will offer, you can hear him here speaking on the Pace of Change Golf Podcast.

Due to popular demand, early registration tickets for the European Golf Business Conference have been extended, make sure to get yours now here.

European Golf Business Conference Primary Sponsor Announced

The EGCOA has today announced the primary sponsor for this year’s European Golf Business Conference, Nexxchange.

Nexxchange is an Austrian based Software-as-a-Service company, focusing on supplying Golf course operators with a fully integrated, web-based all in one solution.

The cloud-based software was specifically developed for the special requirements of multi-course operators and includes a centralised profit centre management tool, accessible fully independently from the physical venues.

The application is currently available in 8 languages and integrates with the three main European federation database types.

EGCOA CEO Lodewijk Klootwijk stated that “part of our mission statement here is to not only make golf more accessible but to make it easier and more profitable for our members to provide the best service. This sponsorship of Nexxchange ensures our members are aware and have access to the best tool for this”.

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